Q. Why an annual maintenance charge?

A. As the roads and common areas on the estate are owned by BWMC funds need to be raised from owners in order to maintain these on an ongoing basis.

Q. How is the maintenance charge set?

A. The maintenance charge is proposed by the board and agreed at the Annual General Meeting on the basis of previous and budgeted expenditure for the coming year.

Q. What can I do about speeding vehicles?

A. Please note the registration number, date, time, direction along the road and advise the board. BWMC will follow up as far as reasonable to address the matter.

Q. How is the maintenance charge collected?

A. Following each AGM a formal request for payment for the amount agreed at the AGM is delivered to each household. BWMC may pursue late payers through the small claims court.

Q. Are the covenants still applicable?

A. In principle yes, although difficult to enforce. They are considered valid to maintain our property values and standards which gave this estate award winning status at inception.

Q. Are the accounts audited?

A. No: The size of the company exempts it from the need to audit and shareholders have previously agreed to forego any audit on the grounds of unnecessary expense.

Q. When is the Annual General Meeting?

A. This is usually held in March each year with the date set in the minutes of the preceding AGM. Formal notification of the meeting, together with the annual accounts, is circulated to all residents 28 days prior to the meeting.

Q. Would the council maintain the roads on the estate?

A. Simply no: The road is privately owned by BWMC and therefore the responsibility for maintenance falls to the shareholders. The road cannot be adopted as it does not meet the necessary criteria for lighting, footpaths etc..

Q. Why is there no street lighting?

A. Being a private estate road, the council have no responsibility to provide lighting and each property’s exterior lamp, ( provided it is lit at night ) has always been considered adequate. Residents are encouraged to ensure their lamp is on during hours of darkness, at least until retiring for the night.

Q. Is a security company employed?

A. No: Each property is responsible for its own security, and to date no major security issue has arisen to justify such an expense.

Q. Is there a residents association?

A. No – Sometime ago it was agreed that BWMC would take responsibility for residential issues of a communal nature, both on the estate and in the neighbourhood, but should not be involved in neighbour disputes.

Q. How does one notify issues to BWMC / Board?

A. Please identify the problem in an e.mail and forward to the Board via the contact page on this site.

Q. Is parking permitted?

A. It is considered most anti social for residents or non-residents to park any vehicle in the road or on the pavements, on a regular basis, as stipulated in the original covenants.

Q. What is the speed limit?

A. 20Mph: Be very aware of children playing and slow down, particularly in the rain, when passing pedestrians. With few pavements extra care is needed.

Q. Can I fell any of my trees?

A. You are advised to contact RBWM, ( tree preservation officer ), to ensure that any proposed action does not contravene any preservation orders.

Q. When is rubbish collection day?

A. Weekly on Tuesdays for standard bins, fortnightly for green bins. Both collections are subject to change at Christmas and Easter, with changes notified by RBWM. See RBWM website link for more info. Residents are urged not to keep their bins in a location visible from the road to preserve the appearance of the estate.

Q. Is Geffers Ride affected during Royal Ascot week?

A. Traffic cones are placed in Geffers Ride and Burleigh Road to prevent race goers parking on the estate and local residents are notified by the Ascot Authority of any potential road closures and alternative routes.